Our space is your space 

At The Cakehouse we offer a range of special services, from venue hire to catered parties to off-site catering. Children’s’ parties are a speciality of ours!  We can seat up to 30 children, with seating space for adults outside on our lovely garden terrace or standing space inside the venue.  We also offer a range of foods suitable for children:

  • Tuna sandwiches
  • Ham sandwiches 
  • Cheese sandwiches
  • Orange juice and apple juice
  • A selection of crisps
  • Hummus and crudités
  • Birthday cake*

Venue hire and catering are available for £12/head.

*Our baker will bake and decorate a birthday cake that meets your specifications.  Should you wish to bring your own birthday cake the party price will be reduced to £14 per head. For adults, we offer venue hire and catering from £45/head included drinks and can seat up to 20 adults.  Each guest will be given the option, prior to the event, of a vegetarian or non-vegetarian 3 course meal.  We will decorate the venue according to your instruction, so far as we are able.

The Cakehouse is also available for Christmas parties.  For example, you could hire the venue for a crepe party, a burger and beer party or a Christmas tea party at a charge of £15/head.  Should you wish to hire The Cakehouse simply as a venue for your party and do not require any catering, you would be able to do so at a rate of £200/hour during the day or £150/hour after 6pm.  We would not supply any food or drink.

Finally, should you want us to provide catering for a party at your office, we are happy to oblige.  Please contact us for a consultation regarding the style and quantity of food you will require; the price for outside catering will be adjusted accordingly.